Our Team


Founder, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rehab Trainer

Esraa Janahi

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Inspired by her father who was a professional soccer athlete in his youth, Esraa Janahi had passion for all kinds of competitive sports.

After giving up the corporate life, Esraa embarked a journey towards sharing her experience and knowledge of fitness and Strength & Conditioning, by helping one individual at a time achieve their goals.

Through that journey she undertook several certifications and workshops to enhance her knowledge in the fields of Rehab training, and strength & conditioning. Esraa accepted an opportunity to work for and be professionally trained by medical professionals namely Back on the Move Osteopathy and Physio Relief Clinic. This experience was invaluable and a significant stepping stone towards her career as both a rehab trainer and strength & conditioning coach.

Esraa is a Certified TFW Coach, Certified Rehab Trainer, Certified PSS Youth S&C and Speed Coach and Certified Kettle Bell Instructor.

Head Coach

William Arnost

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Will began his career in Australian Kettle Bells and Iron Edge in 2009 instructing mixed implement training and later pursuing powerlifting.

He has worked as a Senior Corporate Health Coach and Consultant training and educating clients regarding lifestyle and nutrition as well as mentoring corporate staff regarding the technical elements of training, nutrition and movement screening (assessing physical movement impairments).

As a course developer and lecturer for the Australian Institute of Fitness and the Sage Institute of Education his roles included mentoring, teaching and assessing the entire diploma as well as the development of content, in particular the specialist units of the Nervous System, Strength Training Programming, Advanced Conditioning Concepts and Work Professional Development and Fitness Networking.

Will is also the founder of PhysEdge, a Training and fitness Education venture, in which he developed and implemented seminars in the fields of nutrition, biochemistry and specific training strength modalities for athletic development and physique competitions.

His passions are martial arts and sports and as such, is also a competitive athlete and won medals in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo and freestyle wrestling. As a junior he was also an international competitor in judo and has also competed in Kazakhstan in the art of Sambo. In the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu he has won numerous tiles including Pan Pacific Championships, Australia Cup and Victorian State Titles.

Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Trainer, Massage Therapist

Amanda Deamo

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Amanda is from Brazil and, currently lives and works in Bahrain. She started playing sports at the ripe age of 6 and fell in love with it. After that she never stopped. When her friends would get hurt playing, she always felt a strong desire to be able to help them.
At the university she studied Physiotherapy for 4 years. Soon after, she did a specialization in Physiology, biomechanics and training to work with athletes.
She also studied Manual therapy, to help with her own hands, when she did not have any apparatus for it.
After that, she studied the practice of the ancient art of acupuncture in the Japanese method for 2 years. She followed several courses related to this such as auriculo acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cups and moxa, among others.
During her studies she learned to observe the human being as a whole, believing that everything is intertwined and that there is no point in working only the body if the mind is sick.

She therefore continued for two more years studying and graduating from Hatha Yoga. Yoga is a union of the practices of mind and body.
And so she became who she is today, always seeking to learn new techniques and improve her own, to help the greatest number of people, in the best way.